Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque ِDome Isfahan

Why you should go to Iran

As you know Traveling is one of the best ways to discover unknowns, specially travelling to foreign countries or around the world. Curiosity and eager to see new places and getting familiar with cultures and customs of people who live far away, and special character of some lands could be very interesting.

Concerning World-Economics-Organization competition, tourism reports in 2017 from 136 countries, they present some factors with cultural and business aims which show the importance of each countries considering different factors. It can be said that the first factor to choose an appropriate travel destination for cultural-entertaining trip are some options like: art events, museum, local foods and entertaining places. Other important factors are the number of cultural heritage and historical sites of that country.

Nasirolmolk mosque Shiraz

Nasirolmolk mosque Shiraz

Why should we Travel to Iran?

But why should we Travel to Iran? Does this country worth to travel? It is time to do a research and see Iran is one of the best! Iran has big capacity for tourism because of variety of its ancient, historical, natural attractions and it had development in tourism industry in recent years. The number of tourist who visit this country increased enormously and nowadays wrote and presented more tourists and websites their ideas about Iran. In recent years tourists can easily get Iran visa and that’s why there are more tourists and attention all around the world to this country. It might be interesting for you to know, that most of the tourists have same and exciting memories about Iran when they come back to their homes. Conversations between Iranian and tourist shows that for Iranian it’s important to show good image and reputation from themselves all around the world and Iranian kindness and friendship made always foreigners interested to this land. Because of this affection exist huge number of articles and journals in foreign magazines about Iran, in following parts you can read some of them and be aware of some exotics about Iran.

Qeysarie Gate in Naghshe Jahan Square

Qeysarie Gate in Naghshe Jahan Square

After research in various sources you will find some, which explain historical and natural attractions of Iran and they introduce Iran as an attractive travel destination. It might be interesting for you to know that according to WTO statistics about Iran in 2010, almost 3 million foreign travelers were in Iran and this statistic increased in 2014 and 2015, 4.9 and 5.3 million. Iran had also noticeable tourist growth in 2017 with 5.5 milion. according to predictions the number of tourist will reach to 20 million in 2020.

It must be mentioned that Iranian are proud of themselves that some well-known world medias introduce Iran in first rank of travelling destination. According to WTO reports, Iran has tenth rank in historical and ancient attractions and fifth rank in natural attractions all around the world. Iran is recognized also as one of the safest countries in middle east for Tourists. 5 Sites in Iran, Burned city, Susa ancient city, Meybod scenery and Lut desert are in 2016 and 2017 added to UNESCO cultural heritage list which shows interest of Iranian government to register historical monuments and natural and cultural phenomenon in this scientific cultural UNO organization. Also between specialized resources like national geographic are some Iran tourist attraction among best ones.

Ganjali Khan Bath, Kerman

Ganjali Khan Bath, Kerman


The fact that 21 number of Iran cultural heritage sites are in UNESKO registered, and Iran has good share of best ranks around the world, illustrates notice of tourists in different times to Iran.  It would be enjoying if you take a look at Marcopolo, Shardan, Peter Delavale and … journeys and read in these masterpieces about beautiful Safavi era in 17th century. Iran had breathtaking history and has magnificent unique archeological sites. City atmospheres with traditional old structure, especially interesting mosques and old living facilities make a beautiful scenery for tourists. Can you imagine that in some cities like Isfahan, big old Bazars are historical social asset for that city? Because of this huge complexity, walking among stores create a magnificent feeling for several hours. Now is somehow clear why Iran turns to one of important travelling destination for tourists.

If you travel to Iran you most taste Iranian delicious traditional foods. You will find surely different pleasure between Iranian foods. Beside sitting in an old traditional Iranian restaurant and eating in Iranian plates could have effect on this delightful wide range of tastes.

Here is Iran, a four seasonal country. And that’s not a commercial or tourism moto! Iran climate always encourage more tourist to travel to this land.  Four seasonal means that you can experience different weather any time if you ride to different cities and it could be your favorite season. In winter there are some cities in Iran which have summer weather, spring or autumn atmosphere. This character of Iran exists in each season, but there are some cities where apposite of their small area have all four seasons each year. Yes! In Iran exist such wonderful cities. Weather diversity and foothill climate of Zagros mountains is one of the reasons why exist four seasonal properties in this area. For example, Kohkiluye-Buyerahmad province might be interesting for you, because in distance less than 10 Km you can enter from one tropical green zone to a cold and snow covered zone. If you are a tourist who enjoys magical nature, existing more than 500 water springs with untouched nature, tens of beautiful waterfalls, roaring rivers which glittering, natural lakes, jungle full of chestnut trees and excellent scent from mountain plants can make you exhilarated. Iran is full of beauties. If you travel to any corner of this vast country, you will see this beauty and understand why we call It four seasonal country. In next paragraphs we will take a look at some different places in Iran and consider their weather condition and four seasonal properties.

Did you know that Iran was from very beginning of Human civilization and creation of culture, land of art and beauties?  Taste of the Iranian artists in different periods and their glory, precision and delicateness in artwork were always in attention and admiration of local and foreign visitors. In addition to astonishing and variety of Iranian handicrafts, their geniality and hospitality and delicious traditional foods could be the main points for you as a tourist to make this land very interesting and even change your presumption about Iran and Iranian. You will see that they are reasons why Iran becomes one of the successful countries in tourism. Many tourists after visiting Iran confirm that they loved this country. Nowadays they are more than any time because of lower limitation to get visa. Undoubtedly you have an image about Iran in your mind, but you have to know that till now, any tourist who traveled to Iran, found this country very safe in opposite of images in social medias. Before your trip be sure that it would be comparatively cheap and convenient. Iranian are the best hosts for you and you can make an excellent personal experience after this journey. Don’t forget to have camera always with yourself!

If we consider green nature in north to palms in south, center of deserts to snow covered zeniths, very significant historical monuments, Iranian rich culture and art and …, we will be very proud of our fabulous country and very happy that part of nationality exist in this land. We Iranian are very eager to be your hosts and make an excellent memory for you.

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