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This year (2019) the WTO organization has recognized the Sassanid Heritage Sites, remained in Fars Province as the UNESCO Heritage Lis. The sites situated in three geographical parts in the southeast of Fars Province: Firuzabad, Bishapur and Sarvestan.

These fortified structures, palaces, and city plans date back to the earliest and latest times of the Sassanian Empire, which stretched across the region from 224 to 658 CE.

Among these sites, Bishapur is the capital built by the founder of the dynasty, Ardashir Papakan, as well as a city and architectural structures of his successor, Shapur I.

The archaeological landscape reflects the optimized utilization of natural topography and bears witness to the influence of Achaemenid and Parthian cultural traditions and of Roman art, which had a significant impact on the architecture and artistic styles of the Islamic era. (unesco)

This archaeological landscape has been added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list in 2019.


Bishapur is a city with the Greek hippodamus plan and Roman art, portraying the glorious days of the Iranian empire of Sassanid.

Between two ancient cities of Persepolis and Susa, linking two Sassanid (224-642 AD) capitals of Estakhr and Ctesiphon, founded or better saying rebuilt on an older city, Bishapur became a dazzling jewel of its era. The city is named after Shapur I (241-272 AD) as Bishapur by the size of 2*1 kilometers. The city has a square plan with two main streets crossing each other, and reaching the main gates, unlike other Iranian cities that have a circular plan. The city has a structure quite like the Roman cities of that time with the same micro mosaic decorations in the royal palace.


The tour stars 9:00 am, departure from Shiraz and drive to Bishapur (100 km), visiting the whole Sassanid area with the local guide. The whole visit inside Bishapur takes approximately 2-3 hours. Have lunch in a local restaurant and drive back to Shiraz.


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