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Kerman city with a height of 1755 m. is located on a high margin of Kavir-e lut (Lut Desert) in the central south of Iran, is the Capital of Kerman Providence. Kerman is counted as one of the oldest cities and its name is derived from the Germaniol race listed by Herodotus, and its construction is attributed to Ardashir I of Sassanid Dynasty (Ardashir-e Babakan) in 3rd century CE.

Kerman was ruled by Turkmans, Arabs and Mongols after the 7th Century CE and was expanded rapidly during the Safavid Dynasty. Carpets and rugs were exported to England and Germany during this period. As it also is a major hand woven carpet production center of the country, and hundreds of small workshops scattered through the city.

Kerman has had a long turbulent history. It was only during the rule of the Qajar Dynasty that security was restored in this city under the Central Government. Kerman has a small Zoroastrian minority. Most of the ancient Kerman was destroyed in a 1794 earthquake.

Let’s have a short walk through its historical Bazar.

The tour will begin in front of the doors of Jameh Muzafarid Mosque, visiting the mosque and entering to the Grand Bazaar. Walking through Bazaar, we will visit the Econo-Museum of Kerman, and will have a cup of tea with Kerman’s famous traditional sweet, Kolompeh. Then will continue our visit to the ancient main square of the city, Ganj-Ali-Khan Complex. Visiting the Caravanserai and the greatest Hamam (public bath converted to a museum) of Iran.

Places you will visit:

  • Jameh Mozafarid Mosque (14th – 15th century)
  • Grand Bazaar (17th century)
  • Economusuem of Hayat Banou (19th century, this museum will be closed every Monday)
  • Traditional Hamam of Vakil (drinking tea and Kolompeh)
  • Ganj Ali Khan Complex consists of: Hamam and Caravansary to visit.

Approximate time:

Every morning: 9:00 a.m. till 12:00 a.m

Every afternoon: 15:00 till 18:00 p.m.


  • The professional local English Speaking Tour guide. In case you need another language please write in your booking request.
  • Entrance tickets of all monuments mentioned.
  • Iranian tea and traditional cookie Kolompeh in Vakil Hamam remained from 18th

37 €  for group of 3 person /person

78 € for individual


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