Reagarding Phone, SIM card and Internet:

While traveling, some people tend to avoid being 24/7 online and give themselves a break of being available all the time. If you are one of them, your need of being connected to people back home can be fulfilled in accomodation places (hotels, hostels, ecolodges, homestays, etc.) since even in the farthest and most remote places WiFi is available.

But if you, like us in Diaco Tours’ team, are one of those people who needs mobile signals and data, and internet all the time, and being online either for checking your inboxes, or be connected to your loved ones, or sharing your travel experiences with the world, worry not! In Iran you can choose between 3 SIM card companies: IranCell, Hamrahe Aval, and RighTell, and have 4g mobile data internet in most spots all over the country (we highly recommend IranCell). In order to buy and activate a SIM card you can simply approach the operator booths in the international airport after you claim your luggag in the airport. Make sure you have a copy of your passport so that the process becomes much faster, although the whole process without having the copy does not take much time.
If due to any reason you don’t buy a SIM card in the airport, you can still buy in some hotels: in this case you just look for the operator booth in hotel, or inside the cities from SIM card shops. Just ask your hotel reception or your guide to show you the closest shop, or even better Google its location and directions while you have access to WiFi in your hotel.

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