How not to get cold at the beginning of autumn in Iran?

From September 15th till October 15th we are entering to autumn 🍂 in Iran. The weather gradually is getting colder but for those who travel in this time of the year we highly recommend to read the following information:
We are still in summer during this time! Don’t forget that you are traveling to a country with a majorly warm climate! In this time of the year you need to know that the temperature during the day is still around 30 degrees, as it get closer to the end of October it is getting colder and colder. So it is highly recommended to wear summer clothes during the day (based on dress codes of Iran).
But for nights you will need something warmer like a light jacket or a warm shirt. As it get closer to the end of October it is better to have some warmer clothes specially for nights.
We hope you have a great time here in Iran!


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