While you are packing for your Iran as next destination you should keep that in mind that you may need a different wardrobe. You may hear many things about how conservative you should cover yourself in such a picturesque country. But don’t worry! We are here to help you out to choose carefully in order to be both covered as rules say and also be comfortable and a photogenic traveler!
First of we go for men which is way easier: shorts are not allowed nor are non-sleeves shirts. So pack your t-shirts and shirts and different pair of jeans or pants. If you’re about to go in a colder season (from late October to early March) bring overcoats, jackets, hats and gloves or any other cloths you wear in cold seasons. As for shoes you can wear sandals, flip-flop, sneakers, boots or whatever you are feeling it goes with your condition and style. Just consider for mountaineering and walking you need comfortable gears.
And for ladies which is a bit trickier: remember in public you have to cover your head. So scarves are essentials. Due to the weather bring light or thick scarves. Or you can bring one and go shopping in Iran and then face many options in terms of color, size, shape etc. Your arms also should be covered so bring long sleeves shirts or tunic which they themselves should cover your bum, it’s not necessary to cover hips down to knees. Unless you’re wearing leggings then it’s better to cover your hips too. As for covering your legs you can wear a pair of jeans, leggings, pants, baggie pants or long skirt. The regular dress for foreigner is to wear a normal size of log sleeves shirt and jeans. Long dresses which have long sleeves are welcome! As for shoes like men you can also wear sandals, sneakers, flip-flops, boots etc.
Remember that unlike what is mentioned in many guide books you are not forced to wear black Chador (long cover for women similar to burqa). Wearing colorful dress is very common among Iranian women. There are some mosques or holy places that entering them needs to have Chador and you can easily get one (mostly white with floral patterns) from the entrance and give it back when you are leaving. Make-ups and polished nails are allowed.
If you are traveling during cold season it is easier to keep up with the hijab rules as you can wear coats, pants (or jeans and thick leggings), thick scarves and hats so that you don’t get cold! During these seasons you can bring long boots also.

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