Isfahan Walking Tour IV: Afternoon alongside the river (bridges tour)

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Qeysarie Gate in Naghshe Jahan Square
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque ِDome Isfahan
Naghshe Jahan Square Isfahan
Naghshe Jahan Square Esfahan
Naghshe Jahan Square Esfahan
Naghshe Jahan Square Esfahan
Naghshe Jahan Square Esfahan
Isfahan Walking tour



Among the cities of Iran, Isfahan is like a piece of jewelry that despite the historical fluctuations in the area has still retained its luster and glory throughout the centuries. The city is so vibrant that it seems as if it has been born today and yet it is so original that it looks as though it has always existed. The city’s rich culture and beautiful nature are in such perfect harmony that one seems to be a reflection of the other. Isfahan is an ultimate expression of the Iranian-Islamic Culture.

Isfahan was once one of the largest and most important cities in Central Asia, positioned as it is on the crossroads of the main north-south and east-west trade routes that cross Central Asia. The city was the splendid capital of the Seljuq (12th century) and Safavid (16th and 17th century) dynasties, and is renowned for its beauty, which has given rise to the Iranian saying that “Isfahan is half the world”. (UNESCO)

This city is the city of art! You can find always some artists in each corner of the city, representing their art.

The capital of Islamic word has so many things to show you and make your experience unforgettable. You can visit those magical mosques, enjoy a walk into Iran’s capital of handicrafts’ bazaar and taste delicious Isfahnian dishes in small cafes everywhere.

Isfahan is a very appropriate place for a walking Tour. Its beautiful urban architecture makes you enjoy walking through Bazaar, old streets and visiting monuments.

Isfahan Walking Tour: Afternoon alongside the river (bridges tour)

One of the most significant patterns of “Garden-City” before industrial developments in Europe and other countries can be seen in Isfahan’s Safavid`s era. (16th and 17th century) Generally, the context and environment has its own product. The Isfahan, as the utopian city of Safavid`s era, was production of cultural, political, climatic conditions and specific morphology of that time and place. And all these things have contributed to the shape of city and help them to reach to an optimal pattern.

There is a seasonal river which comes from west and flows to the east, dividing the city into northern and southern parts. Zayanderood, is the largest river of the Iranian Plateau in central Iran.

The Zayandeh starts in the Zard-Kuh sub range of the Zagros Mountains in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. It flows 400 kilometers eastward before ending in the Gavkhouni swamp, a seasonal salt lake at southeast of Isfahan city.

There are five historical bridges crossing the Zayande River in each part of the city; which two of them are architecturally more beautiful and important: Sioshe-pol Bridge and Khajou (or royal) bridge.

The tour starts at the northern entrance of Marnan Bridge and after visiting the parks alongside and the bridges of Sioseh-pol and Chubi, ends in Khajou Bridge.

It is not only the bridges you will see, but also the famous Isfahan culture of picnic and entertaining in public places such as singing, exercising, etc.


Places you will visit during Isfahan Walking tour:

  • Marnan Bridge (17-18th century)
  • Sioseh Pol Bridge (17th century)
  • Choubi Bridge (17th century)
  • Khajou Bridge (17th century)

Approximate time:  depends on the season, 3 hours in afternoon.

Isfahan Walking tour Includes:

  • The professional local English Speaking Tour guide. In case you need another language please write in your booking request.
  • Visiting all monuments on the way with detailed explanation
  • Tasting Iranian traditional drinks (sharbat or herbal tea) in one of the bridges

Isfahan Walking Tour Options:

  • Transfer from Hotel (5 Euros)
  • Isfahan typical Dish For lunch (10 Euros)


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